Markelle Grabo

Young Adult Author

~The Stolen Child~

The time has come...

Now that she has discovered her true heritage, Ramsey Wilder is ready to meet her destiny. Plagued by grief and haunted by memories of death and betrayal, Ramsey’s only motivation stems from her desire to end the war between elves and Element fairies. She intends to visit the Golden Fairy Realm to seek aid from Titania, Ramsey’s aunt and High Queen to the fairies. Although the Golden Fairy Realm has refused to interfere with the war in the past, Ramsey is confident that her blood relation to Titania will be enough to persuade the High Queen to use her royal influence to end the war. Before Ramsey can make her request, she must first find a way to reach her. What at first seems feasible becomes incredibly difficult when King Vortigern finds a way to put restrictions on magical traveling, forcing Ramsey to travel through each Magical Realm before she can cross into the Golden Fairy Realm.

Wary but determined, Ramsey and her companions set off on a journey through the Realms filled with enchanting new experiences. But Ramsey’s confidence is repeatedly challenged as the company encounters dangerous monarchs and old rivals. Ramsey quickly realizes that the poison of war extends much farther than she initially believed, and that it will take more than a Golden fairy promise to resolve the devastation. And as the war’s true origins are revealed, Ramsey comes to understand that one stolen child is not the sole reason for her own involvement. King Vortigern’s true motives are tainted with darkness, and Ramsey must end his reign before his malevolence consumes every Magical Realm.


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