Markelle Grabo

Young Adult Author

~Mock Cast List~

The characters of The Elf Girl brought to life: (in order of appearance)

I compiled a cast of celebrities that best resemble the main characters of The Elf Girl. Why? Because I was bored and it was fun!

Some very minor characters aren't mentioned (like Katie), but only because it's harder to find pictures to match a character when their story hasn't been developed in great detail.

Ramsey - Lucy Hale (but only if she could pull off being a blonde). She's just got that look about her. A combination of fragility and strength, which is exactly who Ramsey is. When I close my eyes and think of Ramsey, this is who I see.


Dina - Debby Ryan. I feel like she could portray the perfect kind of naive girly girl with a kind heart and good intentions. Plus she's pretty in a normal way, like Dina. She even rocks a side pony.


Addison - Annasophia Robb. She's got an icy and independent look to her, but can also depict kindness and sensitivity.


Carmen - Alexa Vega. She's already familiar with playing a character named Carmen, so it works. And she looks friendly and easy to get along with, fitting Carmen's persona perfectly.


Stellan -  Sterling Knight (with black hair, of course). He's a charmer, just like Stellan. And he looks pretty mysterious in that coat...

Aaliyah - Kirsten Dunst. She appears to be elegant, carefree, mature...The perfect mix for the sweet-natured Aaliyah.


Cass - Austin Butler. He's got Cass's macho look down pat.


Ashlyn - Chelsea Staub. Her appearance screams "fun" and "carefree."


Aaron - Penn Badgley (with lighter hair). He always plays the easygoing friend or good buddy, so I thought he'd be a good match for Aaron

The Stranger - Alex Pettyfer. I was very hesitant when putting up this picture. Why? Because I have extremely high standards for this character. Seriously high standards. I scoured the internet for the closest representation, but I couldn't find anything. Luckily, Pettyfer is the leading man in two recent films, I Am Number Four and Beastly, which gave me enough time watching previews to mull over my options before finally giving in to what I knew was the best representation for this character. All he needs is a pair of emerald and silver-slashed contacts...


 Blaire - Haile Steinfeld. She's a natural beauty, just like Blaire, whose "human" looks are thought of as unique.


Zora - Taylor Momsen. She's got that, "I may look gorgeous and young, but I've got a fierce side" look, which is just like Zora.


Finn - Michael Trevino. For Finn's character, my goal is to stray away from the stereotypical older, evil dude. Because Finn doesn't look old. He may be old, but he is supposed to be beautiful and young in appearance. Trevino definitely has those looks, as well as an edgy and a dark quality.

Lura - Dianna Agron. She looks like an angel, but you can tell she has an edgier side somewhere. Perfect for a fairy you wouldn't expect to face in a fight.


Wynter - Dreama Walker. Totally fairy-like features. Her eyes especially.


Danica - Chyler Leigh. Danica is all about power and professionalism, but she's also kind. This photo of Chyler depicts her perfectly.


Thane - Jared Paladecki (with darker hair). Brooding and sly, Jared makes for the perfect Thane.


Aditi - Malese Jow. When it comes to bird shape-shifters, it's all about the angles and striking features.


Queen Taryn - Kristen Bell (with black hair). I honestly don't know why I think of Kristen Bell whenever I think of Queen Taryn. I mean, they are hardly alike in physical nature. Different hair colors, completely different ages. I don't know. I just see it.


Princess Brielle - Elizabeth Gillies. Although her facial expression conveys attitude and poise, she also looks like she could party it up, and if there's one thing Brielle loves, it's partying.


Jacqueline - Janel Parrish. Stoic, serious, beautiful. Jacqueline in three words.

Lady Cora - Sara Canning. Something about her just portrays the perfect elfen accidentally responsible for a war. She looks like she has a strong will.

Elvina - Bridgit Mendler. She has the perfect face for a Woodland fairy. This picture just jumps out at me. So exotic. 

Eder - Brant Daugherty. He displays the perfect edgy yet sensitive look that I imagine when I think of Eder. And his gaze is so penetrating. Perfection.