Markelle Grabo

Young Adult Author

~Discussion Questions for The Stolen Child~

Warning! Spoilers ahead!


In The Stolen Child, readers are introduced to a Ramsey who is suffering under an immense amount of grief. She has nightmares and mood swings, which put a strain on her relationships with others, notably with Nathan. But she also has an incredibly focused mindset pertaining to the war and her destiny. What were your thoughts on Ramsey’s grief process as you read the novel?


When Ramsey accepts Queen Brielle’s request to journey through the Realms, she only wants to take Nathan because of the risks involved. Gradually, her traveling party expands to also include Aimee, Tavis, and Elvina. Knowing what you do now, after having read the novel and after witnessing the danger the group faced, was Ramsey wise to let the others come along? Elvina was instrumental in their efforts, but what about Aimee and Tavis? Should they have stayed behind?


The Mermaid Realm prides itself in self-preservation, which is why the mermaids submit to King Vortigern’s threats and demands rather than help Ramsey and her friends. What do you think of this survival strategy? Did your opinions of the mermaids change at all during the time Ramsey and her friends spent with them? How so?


Were you surprised to see Ellie in the Flower Fairy Realm? What did you think of her decision to let Ramsey escape?


In the Woodland Fairy Realm, Eder reveals his past with Ramsey, a past she herself can’t remember because of her mother’s interference. What are your thoughts on the situation? Do you agree with Lady Rosina’s actions? She erased Ramsey’s memories to preserve her destiny, but was that going too far?


What kind of effect do you think Eder’s confession will have on Ramsey and Nathan’s relationship? She insists that her feelings for Eder have been erased with her memories, but there is still a strong connection between them, whether it’s romantic or not.


In the novel, Princess Glissarie reveals the truth behind the war, and how it was never truly about a stolen fairy child, but rather Vortigern’s thirst for power. What was your reaction to this information?


Did learning Ellie’s true parentage make you feel more or less sympathy for her? Based on that and her decision to side with the rebellion – albeit out of guilt – do you believe she can be trusted?


We learn that Vortigern has learned to wield dark magic – something that shouldn’t even exist in the Realms after the Dark Times, let alone be used by an Element fairy. How do you think he gained such power and why do you think he hasn’t unleashed it yet?



Ramsey rushes into performing a spell she doesn’t understand in order to stop her nightmares from controlling her. In doing so, she binds Stellan’s spirit to her dreams. Do you believe this result will improve her focus or make her lose even more control over herself and her magic? What are your predictions for Stellan’s involvement in book four?