Markelle Grabo

Young Adult Author

Journey into the Realm series

The Elf Girl

With her pale skin, emerald eyes, and pointy ears, Ramsey's life has never been normal. When she learns that she is an elf, things take a turn for the strange and perilous. Ramsey must rescue the sister she never knew in order to unlock the secrets of her past, secrets that could determine the outcome of a dangerous war between fairies and elves. And in order to discover herself, Ramsey must accept her magical destiny.
The Elf Girl was named Notable read in Shelf Unbound's Writing Competition for best independently published book in the category of teen books sponsored by Half Priced Books.

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The Spell Master

 Ramsey Wilder's start in ability school is just what she needs after realizing her elfen heritage and rescuing her sister. But her new life is threatened by Finn's dangerous promise to return and the secret she has yet to discover.

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The Stolen Child

Now that she has discovered her true heritage, Ramsey Wilder is ready to end the war between elves and Element fairies. But when King Vortigern finds a way to put restrictions on magical traveling, Ramsey is forced to travel through each Magical Realm before crossing into the Golden Fairy Realm and requesting aid from Queen Titania. Wary but determined, Ramsey and her companions set off on a journey filled with enchanting new experiences.

The Stolen Child was awarded a New Apple 2014 Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing in the Young Adult/Teen category.

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The Dream Catcher

After a perilous journey, Ramsey Wilder must now work with the rebellion to obtain King Vortigern's crown. If she is to reach Queen Titania and persuade her to end the war, Ramsey must remain completely devoted to her mission, even if it means facing a king whose experience incredibly outweighs her own. In this thrilling fourth installment of the Journey into the Realm series, Ramsey is faced with choices that will determine the fate of the Magical Realms.

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