Markelle Grabo

Young Adult Author

~Discussion Questions for The Spell Master~



What were your predictions going into The Spell Master? As you read, were these predictions dismissed, confirmed, or a mixture of both? Explain.



You were given a mere glimpse of Zora’s character in The Elf Girl. How did your opinion of her change throughout the sequel, or did it change at all? What did you think of her attitude toward Ramsey, her secret, and her relationship with Nathan?



A few central characters from The Elf Girl made only brief appearances in The Spell Master (ex: Addison, Stellan, Aaliyah). What did you think of the new characters in comparison (ex: Nathan, Ellie, Aimee, Tavis)?



Throughout the novel, Ramsey’s relationship with Nathan grows from budding attraction and simple friendship to full-blown love. Share your own experience with Nathan’s character, whether you fell in love with him right away or were slow to trust.



Who is Ramsey meant to be with? Are you Team Stellan or Team Nathan? Give your argument.



What was your reaction to Ramsey’s secret? Was it what you were expecting or were you completely surprised?



Just like in The Elf Girl, Eder is portrayed as vague and mysterious – albeit helpful – in The Spell Master. What are your predictions for this character? Do you think he’ll play a stronger part in The Stolen Child, or will he remain behind the scenes and aloof?



Let’s talk about Ellie: her friendship with Ramsey, her strange behavior, her betrayal, her strengths and weaknesses, and her actions following Stellan’s murder. And is this the last we’ve seen of her?



Did you expect the elves of Birchwood, including her friends, to accept Ramsey’s secret? Were you surprised when they didn’t? What about Aaliyah? Do you believe she rejected Ramsey because of her son’s murder or because of Ramsey’s fairy side?



At the end, readers are left with news of Queen Taryn’s murder as Ramsey is called away to Tarlore. What are your predictions for The Stolen Child?