Markelle Grabo

Young Adult Author

~Discussion Questions for The Elf Girl~


Ramsey grew up believing in creatures like fairies and elves. Do you think it was easier for her to accept her elfen heritage because she already believed in magic? Or was she so desperate for change that it didn't matter what Addison told her?


Ramsey expresses on many occasions that she loved her human family (her parents and her younger sister). But as soon as Addison revealed Ramsey's true heritage, she readily accepted the idea of entering another Realm and leaving her family behind to start a new life. What do you think this says about Ramsey's earlier relationship with her family? Was it wrong of her to leave her old life behind without second thought?


Addison brought Ramsey to the Elf Realm for one reason: To rescue Zora, her best friend. Along the way, although she protected Ramsey and helped her in whatever way she could, it was obvious she cared nothing for Ramsey's secret or the troubles that didn't involve Zora. Was Addison just in her behavior? Or was her ignorance very selfish of her? 


Ramsey's connection with The Stranger is incredibly powerful. But what exactly does their connection entail? Do you think it means their futures are tied together in some way, or was what occurred between them "love at first sight?" Do you believe in such a thing?


Ramsey is told numerous times by others that she "sees things differently." Does this have to do with the fact that she grew up in the Human Realm, or would she have had the same views had she always remained in Birchwood? Nature or nurture?


Throughout the novel, Ramsey mentions God countless times. Without her beliefs to hold on to, do you think Ramsey would have been able to overcome all of the obstacles in her way as she journeyed to rescue her sister? Or did her unyielding strength have nothing to do with her faith?


When Ramsey eventually rescued her sister, Zora, she expected to learn her secret. However, her sister refused to even bring up the subject. Why didn't Zora reveal Ramsey's secret right away? What do you think are her reasons for keeping it to herself, even though it's not her secret to keep? Or is it her secret to keep, because their parents entrusted her with the information when they disappeared?


After years admiring fairies and their magic, Ramsey struggled to come to terms with the fact that not all fairies were wonderful and enchanting. Do you think her opinions will change the longer she lives in the Elf Realm, or will she continue to hold a soft spot for the creatures she always wished she could join?


Ramsey spent days trying to decide whether she should forgive Stellan for his betrayal. Finally, after sharing an intimate dance with the Stranger, Ramsey made up her mind and chose to accept Stellan back into her life. Why do you think she so hastily walked away from her connection with the Stranger? And will her decision ultimately come back to haunt her in the future, especially with Stellan leaving for war? 


Now that Ramsey has rescued her sister, it's time for her to focus on discovering her secret. Both Zora and Eder have expressed that they know what it is, but neither have volunteered any other bits of information. Zora, because she chooses not to. And Eder, because someone "above" him has forbidden him from telling Ramsey himself. What do you think her secret is? Do you think someone will tell her (like Zora or Eder)? Or will she figure it out herself?