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~The Elf Girl Playlists~

A vast number of songs helped to inspire my writing. Whether I was struggling for ideas, writing them down, or just thinking about The Elf Girl, this is just a mere sampling of the music that accompanied me on my journey. 

WARNING: may contain spoilers!

The top threes songs (Believe in Dreams, Ordinary Day, and Enchanted) are my favorites from each playlist. 

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Ramsey & the Earth Man after the accident on the bridge – "I'm With You" (Avril Lavigne) and “Figure It Out” (VersaEmerge)

At school - "Runaway" (Avril Lavigne), "Missing" (Flyleaf), and “Who I Am” (Nick Jones & The Administration)

Ramsey and Addison’s conversation on the bench – “Strange” (Tokio Hotel & Kerli)

Entering the Elf Realm – “Reverie” (The Morning Of) and “This Is Home” (Switchfoot)

When Ramsey reads Zora’s journal – “Conspiracy” (Paramore)

At the Orchard – “Can’t Take It In” (Imogen Heap)

After Ramsey’s first connection w/ Zora – “Never Alone” (BarlowGirl)

When Ramsey decides they must leave early for Tarlore – “Believe in Dreams” (Flyleaf)

Traveling to Tarlore – “Marchin’ On” (OneRepublic)

Ramsey’s Second Connection w/ Zora – “Father Sky” (VersaEmerge)

Ramsey and Eder’s first formal conversation – “You’re Not Alone” (Saosin)

On the way to rescue Zora – “Change” (Taylor Swift)

Leaving Tarlore – “Bring Me Home” (The Morning Of)

On the way to Stellan’s “Birthday Bash” – “Looking Up” (Paramore)

At the wedding – “Beautiful Ending” (BarlowGirl)

First meeting in the cafeteria – “See You Again” (Miley Cyrus)

Ramsey and Stellan's walk to Birchwood - "Ordinary Day" (Vanessa Carlton)

Trying to interpret Stellan’s mixed signals – “Hot N Cold” (Katy Perry)

First “date” – “Complicated” (Avril Lavigne)

The walk home from Aaliyah’s after dinner – “Quiet” (Demi Lovato)

First kiss – “Things I’ll Never Say” (Avril Lavigne) and “Sparks Fly” (Taylor Swift)

Stellan’s Betrayal – “U Got Nothin’ On Me” (Demi Lovato), “How You Love Me Now” (Hey Monday), and “That’s What You Get” (Paramore)

Stellan trying to apologize, Ramsey not buying it – “Should’ve Tried Harder” (Hey Monday) and “White Horse” (Taylor Swift)

Ramsey thinking about her upcoming decision – “Even I” and “Forgive You” (Vedera)

Discussing Stellan’s letter – “Lights” (The Cab) and “Pressure” (Paramore)

First encounter – “Fallen (Acoustic) [feat. Hayley Williams]” (Death In The Park)

Second encounter – “Naked” (Avril Lavigne), “You’ll Never Know” (VersaEmerge), and "Love at First Sight" (Nickasaur!)(The Stranger's POV)

Thinking about the Stranger – “Thunder” (Boys Like Girls), “Gotta Find You” (Joe Jonas), and “Everywhere” (Michelle Branch)

Waking up from the burning – “Back to the Middle” (Vedera)

Dance – “Stolen” (Dashboard Confessional), “Who Owns My Heart” (Miley Cyrus), “Enchanted” (Taylor Swift), "If We Ever Meet Again (feat. Katy Perry)" (Timbaland), and “Hands On Me” (Vanessa Carlton)